Felix Cabrera
Live at A&M Roadhouse
New York City, June 13, 2003 & January 16th, 2004
(Special Guest Appearance by Jimmy Vivino)

by Dr. ZB

Felix Cabrera Band

Jimmy guested with Felix at the A&M Roadhouse in a great set of blues and rock standards. Photos from that night are below:

Here’s a brand new image of Jimmy & Felix from a January 16th 2004 show at A&M Roadhouse.

jimmy & felix

Click for a larger version. Photo by Bernard Ente

Here’s some more photos from the January 16th 2004 shows at A&M Roadhouse. And yes, that’s James Wormworth in that photo at the bottom, enjoying the show with everyone else.

jimmy & felix
jimmy & felix jimmy & felix jimmy & felix jimmy & felix
jimmy & felix jimmy & felix jimmy & felix
jimmy & felix

Click for larger versions. Photos copyright © 2004 by Martin Brooks.

From the June, 2003 shows. Click on any image to see a larger version.

jimmy felix felix jimmy & felix
jimmy jimmy & felix felix

All photos copyright © 2003 by Martin Brooks.

Here are some photos taken by Joan Mallotides at Tribeca Blues in August of 2002:

felix felix felix felix

And here are some taken by Joan at the Turning Point Cafe on April 26, 2003:

felix felix felix

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